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You hit the ball out of

the park, but you

haven’t crossed home

plate yet.

Launching a terrific new web site is
definitely cause for celebration. But
that’s only the first step toward putting
the power of the Internet to work for
you. Next, you need a smart marketing
strategy to bring targeted visitors to
your site and turn them into customers

The WebbPage Guys

know how to run the



We’re seasoned pros when it comes to

marketing on the Internet. Our

well-tested, unique approach employs

strategies that deliver measurable results quickly and cost-effectively.

John Wanamaker, the famous retailer,

once said "Half the money I spend

on advertising is wasted; the trouble

is I don't know which half".

Turn to The WebbPage Guys for an

interactive marketing strategy, and we

promise you’ll feel that every penny

you spent was worth it.

Score with smart,

targeted interactive marketing.

Our marketing gurus develop campaigns

that create targeted traffic for a very

high return on your investment.

Our interactive marketing services


  • Customized marketing plan
  • E-mail campaigns and newsletters
  • Monthly marketing report with campaign performance details
  • Search engine report showing your web site ranking on the major search engines
  • Ongoing keyword and affiliate campaign management to optimize the performance of both types of campaigns.
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